Maggie Wild, Owner Woof9 Pet SittingHi! My name is Maggie Wild and I am the proud owner of WOOF9 Professional Pet Sitting Service. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved animals. My pet sitting career began when I was 7 years old.  A former neighbor asked if I would watch their Schnauzer “Lady” while they were away. I walked Lady everywhere and she quickly became my best buddy.

My second client came soon after. One day while riding my bike, I passed “the old lady” who lived on the hill. Did I hear a bark!?  I had no idea that she had a dog. How did I miss this? All the kids in the neighborhood thought she was a mean old lady because she yelled at kids not to use her driveway since it was steep and they liked to sail down it on their bikes. I bravely rode up her driveway to find her sitting inside on the porch with the cutest medium sized gray poodle.  Immediately I ditched my bike and walked up to the poodle that was happily wagging his tail. I sat in front of the screen door talking to the dog.

Much to my surprise, the lady brought the Poodle out to meet me. He then jumped on me and licked my face. It was instant love. Mrs. Gilbert laughed and told me that  he normally didn’t like too many people. The dog’s name was “Chu Chi.”  I ended up walking him 2 times a day and fed him dinner for many years.

Things took off from there and I developed quite a few clients. I am forever grateful to those 2 families who gave me my first dog walking jobs and for letting me care for their pets. They were thrilled to have someone responsible watch over their pets during their absence and appreciated the love and attention I  lavished on their best  friends. It was a great job that I loved very much and I still love it today! I feel blessed to be able to work with pets and to be outside in nature on a daily basis.My first pet sitting job at age 7

7 year old Maggie with Lady

Dogs and Cats are amazing creatures that provide us with unconditional love. It gives me great pleasure to provide a service that not only brings peace of mind to people, but also allows me to be a great friend to their pets when they can’t be there.

I have been dedicated to the health & happiness of pets for over 20 years.  If you choose WOOF9 as your pet service provider you can rest assured that your pet will be in good hands. We offer customized 5 star services and guarantee we will be your pet’s new friend.